This is a sheltered sandy beach and reef break that only works when conditions are just right and can work all year long, but winter is the best time of year for consistency. You will be able to ride lefts and rights, and it is best around mid tide. The water quality here is rather suspect,however, and many locals complain of sewage issues.

The wave is clean when there is a solid South Westerly swell and it is sheltered from the prevailing winds by the harbour. At high tide, a weadge wave develops off the harbour wall making some fun surfing.A good wave with easy acces, lots of room compared to Ramsgate, is a good alternative to the North Kent breaks when swells and weather systems are moving along the english channel from the atlantic.


This is a South Westerly and Westerly swell only. Works best in offshore winds from the northwest. You can get localized windswell here in the summer months too.

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