SATURDAY – 19 August 2017

KENT SURF GURU SAYS: The Wind is blowing from the West switching to North West and then back South West. A swell is running up the channel and also slight swell coming down north sea, which means that Joss Bay is seeing changeable conditions and at certain stages of the tide a small wave will be rideable and fun, mostly off the chalk reef on the right of the bay.

Sea Temperature 18 C
Wave Height 1 FT
Wave Interval 6 Seconds
Swell Direction West
Wind Direction West North West / West South West
Surf Quality Sideshore / Offshore
Air Temperature 19 C

SUNDAY – 20 August 2017

KENT SURF GURU SAYS: The swell should wrap in from the south westerly up the channel. You could easily see some small fun-sized waves over the chalk reefs that are offshore, do not expect great surf just possible waves. Check the beach and then hang around and wait for the tide to help.

Sea Temperature 18 C
Wave Height 1 FT
Wave Interval 7 Seconds
Swell Direction South West
Wind Direction South West
Surf Quality Offshore
Air Temperature 20 C