SATURDAY – 07 July 2018

KENT SURF GURU SAYS: Been lots of northeast to easterly swell on and off for weeks, but this weekend sees it drop off some. It will be fickle, you may get a wave but it is really a SUP or Longboard fun day at best.

Sea Temperature 17 C
Wave Height 0.5 to 1 FT
Wave Interval 8 Seconds
Swell Direction East to North East
Wind Direction East to South East
Surf Quality Poor Mushy
Air Temperature 24 C

SUNDAY – 08 July 2018

KENT SURF GURU SAYS: Sunday is looking better in general for some small waves, the swell is northeast and the wind will help push anything in. Don’t expect great conditions or anything much but you should be able to grab some type of wave but again look for a Longboard or a SUP.

Sea Temperature 17 C
Wave Height 1 FT to 2 FT
Wave Interval 7 Seconds
Swell Direction North East
Wind Direction North East / East
Surf Quality Onshore Picking Up
Air Temperature 25 C